Aims & Objectives


Aims & Objectives



The organization is Non-Political organization, secular in nature having the following aims and objectives:


  1. To inspire and infuse in the daily life of each individual. the spirit and feeling of unity and integrity of India , Social service , Sympathy, Kindness and understanding towards and fellow beings.
  2. To Spread the abiding spiritual and cultural value of India Tradition viz . Non-Violence, tolerance, fortitude and righteous behavior among all persons, and inculcate in them the strength and courage to put into actual practice the aforsaid values in thier daily life and conduct.
  3. To awaken and foster the power of self -control , self discipline and self-reliance in all person so that the need for external control and administration by outside authorities of whatever kind is progressiveness reduced.
  4. To help individual develop a balanced, unbiased unanimous truthful human outlook and attitude in all spheres of private and public life avoid of hatred , jealously , intolerance ,double standards , free from any consideration of caste, creed race or language and without attachment to any poltical party or sector.
  5. To work unitedly for eradication of corruption from all the social spheres of the individual and the society.
  6. To organize and arrange training camps, group discussion , seminars and lectures for achieving the above said objects.
  7. To bring out publication, booklets, brochures and newsletters when necessary, to propagate implement the above objects .
  8. To help men , women and child , who are poor and/ or orphans disabled , mentally retarded , blind and other wise and unfit to carry on their daily chores to earning their livelihood and also to arrange for them medical help, literacy where necessary, provide education to the needy, so  that they become self-sufficient useful organs of the society and also to do such other acts that the TRUST may decide to undertaken in future.
  9. At the same time of this being a charitable trust to receive charities in cash and or kind .
  10. A reading room /Library/Children Library will be setup for the poor people as they can not afford to purchase books , periodicals, newspaper act.
  11. Acharyakul Chandigarh should take in hand the activities specially in the rural area to make the people aware in health, education , sanitation , plantation etc . and also promote the training program etc. So that the income of the rural people could be supplemented and their standard of living could be raised .

To do all such other things as are necessary and conducive to the attainment of the above.


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