Acharyakul Chandigarh  (Regd.)

The world is well-high becoming as one unit, man is moving closer to man. The magnitude of time and space has proved its limitations. While scinece has advanced so much, our heart instead of advancing in its wake remains stunted. Human life will lose all cohesiveness and harmony. The various multifaced problems with which the world is overburndened today are the resuits of the basic disharmony. If our mind will remain enticed to petty parochial problems, it will only mean that we are unworthy of living in the age of science. Either, we should restrict developing our intellect, i.e. to forbid scientific progress cannot be prevented at all. The intellect is bound to be more and more comprehensive day by day. Under these circumstances we have no option but to broadan our hearts to the same extent. We must understand that the only proper concept for us is Jai Jagat i.e. victory to the whole world. We are all citizens of one world, we are universal citizens Vishwa-Manav.

I, therefore hope that a new effective power of Acharya-Kul will be generated in this country and as a result the whole national scence will be transformed.


On the basis of above said Saint Vinoba’s words the Acharyakul Chandigarh  (Regd.) was established on 11-June-1997. It is working on the way of Saint Vinoba Bhave and has a good presence in the society around the Chandigarh city.

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